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Philosophy For Our Childcare In Reno

Here is the complete childcare philosophy For Our Childcare In Reno:
We believe that our childcare program in Reno, Nevada and services offer a developmentally appropriate curriculum that strives to enhance social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth in young children.
We believe that all children are individuals who learn in their own way and at their own pace. Our childcare program fosters curiosity, creativity and self-esteem by taking into account children's abilities and interests. Child initiated and teacher supported play is an essential component of our program.
We believe that children learn best through meaningful play and through culturally diverse activities. Each classroom environment is carefully designed to reflect the children's interest and to cultivate positive self-image and independence.
We strive to foster an ethic of social responsibility among our children and we urge students to acquire and use all the resources of their culture.

We recognize that the parents are the child's first teachers. Children learn best when parents are involved in their educational program. Our childcare in Reno advocates an open communication with parents for they ultimately play the most vital role in their child's intellectual and emotional development.

Working together, we believe that optimum development will be obtained.
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